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The unique body of work envisaged by percussionist, composer and educator, Thea Rossen follows a compelling common thread: helping audiences fall in love with music by immersing them in the transformational worlds she creates. 

Central to the success of Rossen’s artistic output is its depth, innovation and fierce contemporary relevance. Developed at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and attracting worldwide attention, her work Music for our Changing Climate (Metropolis Festival, 2018) presents a powerful exploration of issues surrounding climate change and the political context inherent.

Drawing from her background as a student of the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), Rossen’s workshops, concerts and creative collaborations combine rigorous musicianship with a knack for seamless artistic presentation - all underpinned by a deep understanding of exactly how to recruit an audience and bring them along for the ride.

Co-director of Ad Lib Collective, Rossen has featured as a soloist at the Four Winds Festival, NSW (2023), Extended Play Festival (2019), Living Pavilions Festival (2018) and been presented by Tura New Music (2022) and Melbourne’s Play On (2018). Collaborators include composer and improviser Alice Humphries, media artist Sohan Ariel Hayes, clarinettist Ashley Smith and Ad Lib co-director Jared Yapp. Thea’s education shows have been toured and staged by West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Musica Viva in Schools.

At the core of Thea’s practice is her vision to utilise music as a vehicle of connection, inclusion and discovery. It’s a driving force more powerful than the sum of its parts; a unique characteristic that makes Thea Rossen a flexible, multi-skilled and dynamic artist. 

“Mesmerising throughout, her artistry and amazing theatrical gestures evoked an other-worldly experience.”

-Cult Classical (2022)

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