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Kirstin Kenny has been a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s First Violin section since 1993. Kirstin grew up in Adelaide and started playing the violin during Primary School. She later studied at the Elder Conservatorium of Music with Ronald Woodcock, gaining a Bachelor of Music in Performance, with Honours. Whilst studying she performed regularly as a casual with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Chamber Orchestra and West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Since moving to Melbourne she has also performed with the Melbourne Academy, Australia Pro Arte, Australian Chamber soloists and is currently a regular performer in MSO’s chamber series.

Meet Kirstin

What songs are playing on your iPod/CD player right now…
A crazy mixture of Classical music, jazz, pop and rock.

What is your ideal classical concert program?
Pulcinella Suite by Stravinsky, then maybe a concerto, then after interval a Mahler, Brahms or Shostakovich Symphony. However ask me tomorrow and that may change.

How did you chose your instrument?
I saw Deborah Fox winning the ABC Quest competition on TV in the 70s and decided that was what I wanted to do. I was lucky enough to spend a number of years as a student of Deborah’s and then to work alongside her in MSO.

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