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2022 Cybec Applications

To apply for the 2022 Cybec 21st Century Composers' Program you will need to complete an application form and provide a piece of music you have written. The composition should be recent and written for orchestral instruments (not necessarily for full orchestra), although other scores will be considered.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents living in Australia for the duration of the program (March 2022 - February 2023), and aged 35 and under on 1 March 2022.

In addition to completing the form, to apply you will also be required to submit a PDF score of your composition together with an MP3 recording, via Dropbox only. Ideally the MP3 should be a live recording of your piece, although a high-quality midi recording is also acceptable.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the blind audition process please ensure that your name is only on the front of your score and not on every page.

Applications are now closed.

How participants are chosen

Round one is a blind audition process. Our Lead Mentor and our Assistant Conductor will create a shortlist of compositions. They are unaware of any of your details while they listen to your MP3.

The shortlist of composers will move onto round two where your details will be revealed to a panel of 4-5 professionals (comprising of people such as a conductor, musician, composer, composition lecturer, MSO Artistic staff member).

Any member of the panel with a conflict of interest will make the panel aware of this (for instance if they know you in a professional, personal or educational setting). The panel then choses the four Program participants from the shortlist. You will be informed of the panel’s decision only after the four participants are chosen.

If you are chosen as a participant

If you are chosen as one of the four 2022 participants of the Program you will be provided with a composition mentor for the duration of the program. The mentor is usually based in the city in which you are living, but in some cases if there is a more appropriate composer/mentor living elsewhere, then they will be chosen if you are both happy to communicate via phone/email/online.

There are various deadlines throughout the year which will be communicated at the start of the program. Mid-2022 there is a workshop day in Melbourne (or online depending on circumstances) comprising of valuable time with both the MSO Librarian and some orchestral musicians where you will be able to discuss questions related to your composition.

A public Showcase performance of the final compositions will be in January/February 2023 in Melbourne, at which you, your mentors, and friends and family are welcome to attend.

Please contact Hannah Cui with any queries at

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